Saturday, March 13, 2010

On Google Buzz

Google Buzz has been out for several weeks now but only recently did I have the time to check it out.

My initial opinion is that right now (for me) it is a mostly redundant system that doesn't provide much value. Most of what I see on Buzz are just Twitter and Reader updates. The problem is that you can only see a small subset of what you see on Twitter and Reader (updates from Buzz users). That means you still need to use a full Twitter client and Reader which makes most of the content on Buzz just duplicates.

A big improvement would be to make Buzz a full Twitter and RSS clients so that I can view everything from just it. Until that can be supported I'd like to see an option in Buzz that lets me disable certain types of data (Twitter updates for example) so I don't have to see it twice.

One very nice benefit though is that non-twitter and non-reader users on GMail are now "joining the conversation" and seeing your updates which is very cool.

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