Monday, December 21, 2009

Zeemote Assets Sold to Aplix

Five weeks after Zeemote ceased operations it was announced Thursday that the assets of the company have been sold off to Aplix Corp.

The obvious question then is who is Aplix?

Aplix Corp is a Japanese based company that creates a JVM / KVM called JBlend that it licenses to handset manufacturers. I've seen JBlend on older Motorola feature phones (like the RAZR and PEBL) as well as few Windows Mobile devices. As far as I know though they have very little market share in the US or in Europe.

It seems like an odd marriage but hopefully they can help add Zeemote support to more games and devices and to improve the overall user experience. I also hope they allow, encourage, and aid in getting the Zeemote supported on non-JBlend devices since MIDP (Java ME) based devices (Aplix core business) are quickly dying in favor of more capable smartphones. Just Friday the press went wild with reports of the rising success of the java-hating iPhone in Aplix's home turf of Japan.

Congrats to those at Zeemote who got the deal done and are continuing on. I decided to turn down their offer but will be watching and rooting for them to turn this into a success. Good luck.


Blopa said...

wow! That's a good news =D

Anonymous said...

amazing stuff thanx :)


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