Thursday, October 1, 2009

Early Access to Google Products

UPDATE: After this post several readers sent me invites. I now have an account. Thanks!

Last year I was lucky enough to get early access to Google Voice (formerly Grand Central). How? Well I just logged in to blogger, google's blogging software, and there was an invitation just waiting for me.

This is a great marketing strategy for Google. Create a new service and provide early access to bloggers since they are very likely to write about said service and build buzz around it.

I haven't been writing much lately but I really want a Google Wave account. I logged in to blogger today for the sole purpose of finding a Wave invite. Unfortunately nothing. Come on Google, let me try Wave!


The Agile Tdog said...

Well, slacker, I just got an invite to Wave a couple days ago which lets me invite others as well (read, I've now invited you). Give it a couple days and it should come through for you.

mpv said...

Haha. Coincidentally I got an account today thanks to my buddy Kyle! Now I need to start a wave in which the three people I know whom have accounts.

mpv said...

Thanks timmy ;-)

James Smith said...

I was lucky enough to get a google wave invitation. But i do agree that it is a good marketing strategy companies now a days employees to create buzz about their products.