Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Events in Iran are are occurring in such a drastically new way and at such speed that I'm not sure I have a good grip on what yet to think of it all. Below are some miscellaneous thoughts.

  • With text, images, and video coming directly from the people involved this is the closest I've ever felt to war (if you can call this a war). Sad when my own country has been at war for several years.
  • Everyone should be watching and reading at least some of these accounts.
  • The Neda videos (here and here) are terrible but not watching is either not fully understanding, ignoring or denying.
  • Should the U.S. get involved?
  • A great quote going around: "In retrospect, all revolutions seem inevitable. Beforehand, all revolutions seem impossible." - Michael McFaul, National Security Council
  • Twitter is a very effective communication tool but it is very noisy and it is impossible to verify the accuracy, truthfulness, or the real source behind the messages.
  • Twitter is a great propaganda tool.
  • Has the U.S already been involved?
  • Will this fizzle out in a few days or are we seeing a true revolution?
As it relates to us
  • All countries are far more fragile than we think.
  • Suggestions of election fraud with or without basis threaten the stability of a country.
  • Should suggestions of election fraud without basis be considered a criminal act (like saying "fire" in a crowded theater)? Should it be considered a treasonous act?

Thoughts are with the Iranians protesting for and dying for free speech and free elections.

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