Saturday, May 9, 2009

Puma City

Last night I went to "Puma city" to celebrate a friend's birthday. What a unique venue that is. Here are some more pictures from Rather than attempt to explain it myself, below are some quotes from a article on Puma City:

a collection of 24 shipping containers, arranged into a multilevel retail store, bar, and event space, more closely resembles a set of giant building blocks than an actual metropolis.

set up at Fan Pier, close to the Institute of Contemporary Art, for three weeks as part of the Volvo Ocean Race - a nine-month yacht race around the globe. At each stop of the race, sponsors such as Puma set up a small village of temporary buildings for racers and their support crew.

There are also offices, changing rooms, and flat-screen televisions for watching live feeds of the race from the bar. On the third level, a cantilever deck reaches toward the ocean.

Boston is the only US location that Puma City will visit and only the second city where the structure has been assembled for the public.

The structure will stay in Boston through May 16. Before it moves on to its next destination in South Africa.

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