Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Java Store

A year and a half ago I noticed and joked about how Sun was advertising other products from within Java Update on the PC.

In a video blog posting today Sun's CEO, Jonathan Schwartz, discussed the success they had distributing Google toolbar via Java Update and announced that they will build on that success and extend it to become a full fledged / general purpose App Store!?

With an installation base of "approximately a billion users", he says, it "has the potential to deliver the world's largest audience".

As with other app stores, Sun will charge for distribution - but unlike other app stores, whose audiences are tiny, measured in the millions or tens of millions, ours will have what we estimate to be approximately a billion users. That's clearly a lot of traffic, and will position the Java App Store as having just about the world's largest audience.
Presumably it will work across all Java platforms. More details to come in a few weeks at JavaOne.

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