Friday, May 8, 2009

Enhanced Featured Phone

At the 2009 Nokia Developer Summit, MySpace presented at a session in which they described their experience in mobile and the trends they see moving forward. During the talk the speaker mentioned a term they use internally that I'd never heard before: "Enhanced Featured Phone".

As soon as he said it I knew exactly what he meant. It's a class of phone that is a step up from your basic "Feature phone" but doesn't quite reach the "Smartphone" category. It has a much better browser and multimedia experience than feature phones but doesn't have the operating system or programming environment of the iPhone, S60, or Windows Mobile. The Samsung Instinct and the LG Dare immediately jump to mind.

There has never been a good definition for labeling the various phone categories and any attempt ultimately fails or proves useless anyway. By some people's definitions for example the iPhone shouldn't be considered a smartphone because of the closed nature the app store.

According to this article in wireless week, Gartner currently uses 4 phone categories of phones:

  • basic phone
  • enhanced phone
  • entry-level smartphone
  • feature smartphone

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pauldoc said...

It's all about what applications and what type of interaction is supported.