Sunday, January 4, 2009

Voice would be easier

I write very very very slowly. It's just one of my several weaknesses. That combined with the fact that I get swamped with email means I often feel like I live in MS Outlook.

Often times I receive a short one line question over e-mail that requires a multi-paragraph response. By the time I'm done I may have invested 15-30 minutes and all too often what happens next is another brief email asking for further clarification!

Usually the person is unaware of the complexity of the answer or the time it will take you to compose it. Sometimes however the person is simply looking for a "cheap" answer in which they don't need to invest their time.

Today I inadvertently sent one of those innocent one line questions to my boss. The reply was

Voice would be easier. Let's discuss tomorrow.
My New Years resolution is to make that a template email response and use it frequently.

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