Monday, November 3, 2008

Election Day!

The long campaign finally comes to conclusion tomorrow. I have to admit a bit of jealousy toward those living in swing states or states that offer proportional electoral allotment. One can't help but feel his vote is cheapened a bit when the outcome of the election in his state is all but guaranteed.

However I do get to look forward to the ballot questions! This year in Massachusetts we have three of them:

  • Elimination of the state income tax
  • Decriminalization of marijuana
  • Ban on greyhound racing

Well, actually .... we have already voted to reduce the state income tax (in a prior ballot question) but the state simply ignored that vote. Also the state can't really decriminalize marijuana because of existing and superseding federal laws.

So I guess the only real impact I could have tomorrow is in regards to dog racing!

I have a lot of thinking to do.

Happy voting.

1 comment:

ChrisMP said...

Do you think if they ban "greyhound" racing they will simply start running races at wonderland with other dogs? Golden Retriever racing maybe?