Monday, October 6, 2008

NBC Pulls SNL Bailout Skit?

I watched Saturday Night Live live this weekend for the first time in a long time. Of course they opened with a hillarious spoof on the VP debate but later on there was a pretty great skit on the bailout. In C-Span Bailout George Bush, Nancy Polise, and Barney Frank announce the deal and introduce some of the "beficiaries" of it.

I was looking forward to linking to it once available but apparently just a few hours after posting it, NBC pulled it down!

I'm sure the Conservative conspiracy theorists will say it is because the skit made the Democrats look bad (in it Barney Frank tells Nansi Pelosi that this time it was the Democrats fault). I suspect however that it had more to do with the fact that they portrayed the "typical sub-prime mortgage recipients" as criminals and drug addicts.

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