Monday, October 27, 2008

Google Earth for the iPhone

Google has ported Google Earth to the iPhone.

This demonstrates the significant advantage iPhone and Windows Mobile have over other mobile operating systems like Blackberry and Android. Since the iPhone and WinMobile are so closely related to their desktop counterparts porting existing applications to their mobile platform will be orders of magnitude easier than developing them from scratch using say Java.

For this reason I continue to believe Windows Mobile is poised for significant growth IF they can get the UI revamped and marketing right. This also assumes that there are many other desktop applications worth porting to the mobile.

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Dennis said...

You forgot Symbian... :)

I agree with you regarding that in general, it is easier to port to iPhone OS and Windows Mobile, but I disagree with your statement that Windows Mobile is poised for significant growth. Android is going to completely suck the oxygen out of it's market since there is little difference for the phone manufacturer between WinMobile and Android except that one costs more.