Friday, June 13, 2008

Tim Russert Dead

The emotional reaction we have to someone's death is almost always dependent on how well we knew and cared for the deceased. A "celebrity death" is a bit of an oddity because while many of us will have great sorrow, few will have ever actually met the person.

Part of it is explained because a medium like TV has a way of making us feel like we know those we watch. We may also truly care for the work of the person like the music of a musician, the writing of an author, or the leadership of a politician.

I never met Tim Russert but I've watched him every Sunday for years. I feel like I knew him and I liked him a lot. He did important and exceptional work covering politics for which I care a great deal.

His book Big Russ and Me was a best seller and has been on my todo reading list for a while now. I'll be just one of many who make the purchase this weekend.

He will be missed.

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