Monday, May 26, 2008

Kicballer Arrested

A kickballer playing for a team called "Los Piratas Mechanicos" (the Robot Pirates) was arrested in NY for carrying a sword in public on his way to a game.

From the NY Post article:

Bonehead buccaneer Lawrence Jackson, 29, was charged with criminal possession of a weapon after he was spotted with the sword on an up escalator.

Jackson and his girlfriend said he was carrying the sword for fun on the way to a game and that it was nothing more than a prop befitting his team's zany image - but cops said his explanation didn't cut it.
Clearly these cops don't play kickball because this kind of wackinesses is common place in the sport. Lets just be glad Jackson's team went with the Pirates name as opposed to one of their earlier choices:
  • Big Apple Assault Rifles
  • New York City Crossbow
  • Greenwich Grenades
Jackson was also in possession of a Super Soaker water gun and, um, some marijuana.

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