Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Meghan McCain's Blog

I stumbled upon McCainBlogette.com tonight. It is a blog by Meghan McCain, John McCain's 23 year old daughter, and her two friends Heather Brand and Shannon Bae as they hit the campaign trail with her father.

It provides a unique and refreshing behind the scenes look at his campaign and her journey with it. It is not particularly political in nature but instead feels more like a personal site (like facebook or myspace) that one of my girl friends might maintain if they were on some extraordinary trip.

Rather than political issues she focuses on the family and social side of the campaign. She writes about and posts images/videos of the interesting people she meets, places she goes, and events she attends. She recently posted images from a Blue Angels air show she attended and also a video that includes shots from a BBQ event held with the media.

I found the site quite endearing. In a time when political candidates and their families are so protected from us it is nice to get a view from a perspective other than the canned speeches, debates and campaign ads.

Salon.com wrote an article on Meghan's site back in Decemeber and the AP just wrote one last month.

Check it out.

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