Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Look Into My Eyes

Yup, as the title suggests the image you are seeing is that of my eye! In particular it is the retina of my left eye. To remind you, the retina is the back part of the eye which sits behind and is seen through the pupil. That yellow dot slightly off center is my macula.

I had my yearly eye exam last week. When I walked in the optometrist gave me a pamphlet describing a new machine / service called the optomap® Retinal Exam. It uses a laser to scan the eye and take pictures of the retina without the need for the eye drops. It costs about $30 and is not covered by insurance. I said I would do it under one condition: I need copies of the images!

So there you have it. Luckily it appears that my eyes are healthy. My doctor spent time showing me images of several abnormal ones. Below for example is what glaucoma looks like.

I got this from the website of the machine's manufacturer which includes a disease library that shows what several conditions look like.

According to the website it is also possible to get an amazing 3D views of your eye but unfortunately my doctor didn't show me mine. Here is one I found on the website:

Now I have something to ask for next year.

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