Monday, February 11, 2008

Zeemote Media Explosion

Media coverage of the Zeemote has exploded! The team is in Barcelona at Mobile World Congress announcing the official launch of the JS1 and they are getting a ton of press coverage from both traditional outlets and the blogosphere (i hate that word).

There are two great videos to tell you about. First CNN (yes, that CNN) discussed the Zeemote and interviewed Rob. That video is available online here (You may need to watch a commercial but then you can skip to about one minute in where they start to discuss and show it).

Also available is a video (embedded below) of Beth being interviewed for an article by

And here are a few choice quotes from three different articles:

From an article on by Stuart Dredge:

The game played like a dream – controlling Sonic with an analogue pad is much, much easier than fiddling with a keypad.
From an article on
This reporter is no gamer, but flying the helicopter in Fishlabs' shoot-em-up game Heli Strike 3D seemed easier with the Zeemote than with the tiny joystick of the Nokia N95 on which the game was running.
From an article on the mobilegames blog:
At the recent Mobile Games Forum 2008 in London, Mike Yuen, senior director of the gaming group for Qualcomm, commented, "The Zeemote JS1 is one of the most innovative devices to come along for mobile gaming, as it greatly helps improve game playability on mobile phones versus traditional d-pads. I look forward to the commercial launch of the product later this year.
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