Sunday, February 24, 2008

Zeemote at GDC

The Zeemote team was at the Game Developer's Conference in San Francisco last week to announce the launch of the developer program and the Zeemote SDK for Java ME.

Monday night we held our launch party featuring a custom Zeemote ice luge and special "celebrity guest" Lara Croft (see image in last post). The party itself was a big hit generating lots of buzz and was even blogged about here.

What do a Lara Croft impersonator, an elaborate ice sculpture, and a new drink called the “Zeemotini” have to do with a joystick peripheral for cellphone games? We weren’t sure, but Ripten set out to find the connection when we went to Zeemote party at the W Hotel in San Francisco after the first day of GDC.
We were kept extremely busy at our booth giving tons of demos and generating lots of interest. The reaction from gamers, developers, and press has been been exceedingly positive.

As engineers it is important that we frequently get out of the office sandbox and demonstrate our products to real people. Strangers are more honest than friends and provide the most useful feedback. One of the most rewarding experiences an engineer can have is to see the positive reactions of a stranger to the product he/she has worked so hard on. All of us enjoyed it.

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