Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Copy & Paste in Windows Without Formatting

Ever copy and paste text under windows only to be annoyed when the formatting gets copied over with it?

It happens to me all the time and drives me crazy. Up to this point my hack solution was a two step process where I first copy the text into the Emacs scratch buffer (which strips all formatting) and then re-copy the text from Emacs and paste into the actual target application.

Today I finally looked for a better solution and found it! PureText 2.0 is a great windows app that adds a new Windows hot-key (WINDOWS+V by default) that performs paste without formatting. Love it.


Anonymous said...

Cool info. Thanks. It's exactly what I was looking. I used to paste text on the easiest input field opened like google search or something. Still annoying though...

Ben Anderson said...

I used the same process you first described, but substitute gvim for emaces :-)

I'd rather not install an application to solve this. I did find that there's a "Paste Special" option in M$ Office. Keyboard quick key combo is:


Anonymous said...

Amazing tool. thanks !

Anonymous said...

It agree, rather useful idea