Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Force Fx Lightsaber

I went to Toys R Us last night to go birthday shopping for my 4 year old nephew. This season he is interested in everything Star Wars. So I went right to the blue section of the store and found the Star Wars aisle.

Right away the "Force Fx Lightsaber" caught my eye. It was a "realistic looking" lightsaber in a large protective glass case. A big red button was exposed that said "Try Me". I pushed it and the saber's "blade" lit up and the exact sound from the movies came roaring out of it.

I'm not a Star Wars fan at all but I have to say it was very cool. They have different designs / colors for each of the main characters. It was "on sale" for $99 which was down from $120! The box said "not a toy" on it and specified that it should only be used by those 12 and up. Sorry Jack, I don't think you are ready for this one. I almost bought it from my brother instead.

Check out a video of this thing:

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