Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Amazon Kindle

I saw Jeff Bezos on Charlie Rose last night. He was pitching Amazon's new e-book reader called The Kindle. It is like many of the e-book readers that have come out in the past but adds some great features that I think could finally be the breakthrough needed for the e-book business. This thing looks amazing. Go check out the video on the Kindle site.

Cool Features:

  • Books, Magazines, Newspaper's and Blogs can be read on it

  • It uses Sprint's high speed EVDO network to wirelesses shop and download the content so there is no need for cables or syncing in any way with your PC. A book is delivered directly to the device in under a minute. There is no network fee (looks like it is subsidized by Amazon)

  • The device is tied to your Amazon account to make purchase simple

  • Most new books will cost just $9.99 or less

  • You can read the first chapter of any book for free (Try before you buy)

  • Can hold over 200 books at a time. Additional books are saved on Amazon's servers for later access

  • Contains a built in dictionary so you can quickly look up definitions

  • It allows you to highlight & save text

  • Provides free access to Wikipedia

Not so cool:

  • Sites that are offered for free on the traditional web (like the NY Times) will cost you here

  • Currently supports just a black & white screen

  • Costs $399

The feature I'd most kill for: Access to Google Reader!

Charlie tried to draw parallels between what the Kindle was attempting for books with what the iPod did for music. We'll see.

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