Sunday, September 16, 2007

Use a Feed Reader

Everyone who browses the web should also be using a feed reader yet most people have not yet even heard of the term!

I can’t help but feel that these people are missing out and I should know since until last year I was one of them.

A feed reader is a software program that is as useful and important as your email client or your web browser.

Here is how many of them generally work:

  1. It looks and feels a lot like an email program (but you will only receive messages).
  2. In it you subscribe to various websites (feeds) that you enjoy reading.
  3. When the site (feed) is updated with new content (a new article for example) it will show up in your inbox as a new unread item.
  4. You click on the item, view it, and mark it as read. Often times you never even need to visit the site.

It is very simple but amazingly useful. Say goodbye to checking and rechecking your favorite sites for updates. Any new content just magically appears in your inbox.

This makes it possible to read far more sites in far less time. I used to read about five web sites on a daily basis but now that number is well over 100! I'm much more informed and entertained as a result.

The feed reader I use and highly recommend is Google Reader but others exist too.

Click on the screenshot above to see Google Reader in action.

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